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The role of the Special Education Advocate is to utilize knowledge of Special Education Law, along with their experience as an educational advocate and skills as a peer mentor, to assist students with disabilities and their parents. In addition to the Complimentary Initial Consultation, which includes a brief review of records, the following consultative services are provided:


IEP / 504 Meeting Participation: Having an experienced professional at your side to guide you through the process, facilitate communication and to assist you in accomplishing your goals, could be the answer to getting necessary services for your child.

Record Review / Assessment: A thorough review of your records to help you develop a strategy for moving the process forward.

Consultative Services: Short consultations to assist you with specific problems or emergent issues.

Parent Training: Training you to participate in the IEP / 504 Process as an active and equal member of the team.


Peer Counseling: As a parent of two children with a disability, I have walked a similar path as many of the parents I support. I am able to empathize with their struggle to be heard and to obtain appropriate

services for their children, because I have been there.

I understand their frustration firsthand, which assists

me to guide them through the process and become the most effective advocate for their child.

Workshops / Presentations: Customized workshops and presentations designed to meet the unique needs of the members of your organization.

  • I provide a 45 minute Complimentary consult

  • any time over the 45 minutes of the initial consult is billed at an hourly rate

If you decide to retain my services:

  • I charge an hourly rate for attending meetings, any lengthy phone discussions or emails and reviewing of documents (after the initial consultation) and a one way travel fee for travel more than 15 monutes one way

  • I do accept payment by check, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal and credit card.



Transforming the Lives

of Children with Disabilities

“If a child cannot learn

in the way we teach...

We must teach in a way

the child can learn.”


                     ~ Ivar Lovaas

"The best advocates know that compromises or partial victories can be an important milestone toward achiving their ultimate goals. It's better to move one step forward than to not move at all".
My family found in Pam a passionate, persistent, knowledgeable and persuasive advocate. She will work hard and enjoy teaching parents about their causes, thus bringing attention and awareness to their efforts".
Thank you Pam.

Diana P. B.,



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