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To support the mission of providing education to families 

of children with disabilities, I am proud to offer links to educational, vocational and independent living resources.

It is my hope that these resources will assist parents to advocate for their child, and in the process assist their children to develop the self advocacy skills they need to

live the most independent life possible.

Working Together

to Build

a Brighter Future


"CLICK" the name to visit. . .

Wrightslaw- Special Education Law       

Yellow Pages for Kids-Illinois 

Yellow Pages for Kids-Wisconsin

Bridges 4 Kids

Ups for DownS

(United Parent Support for Down Syndrome)

Special Kids, Special Parents Blog

Special Education Law Blog of Charles P. Fox,

Special Education Attorney

Alternative Teaching- Behavioral Management

Sociability- Treatment for Individuals with Social Cognitive Challenges

North Shore Pediatric Therapy

National Center on RtI

Decoding Dyslexia

Center for Parents Information and Resources

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Protected Tomorrows- Life Planning

Rush Neurobehavioral Center-

Executive Functioning

Mark Russell, Attorney-

Special needs Trusts, Wills and Power of Attorney

Donald G. Olsen, Attorney-

Waypoint Estate and Business Planning

Aspiritech- Vocational Resource for

Individuals with Aspergers Syndrome


Recycling Avenue- Environmental Company 

started and run by young individuals with disabilities




National Autism Center

Sesame Street and Autism

Center for Disease Control- Autism Resource

Operation Autism: A Guide for Military Families

ASD- Accommodation Resources

Home Modifications for Children with ASD

ASD and Sleep Management


Services focus on

supporting the needs
of the individual

with the disability.

"All kids are gifted.

Some just open their packages

earlier than others."

                                                          -Michael Carr

Even if you are a seasoned professional in your day job, attending an IEP meeting as a parent can be an intimidating process.  Often, the deck is stacked against you because you are not aware of your basic rights.  And the one who suffers is your child.  This sort of thing routinely occurred to us in two separate elementary school districts and one high school district.  And then, Pam Labellarte came into our lives.  She met with us prior to meetings so that we actually were able to be full participants in planning our son's IEP and made sure that the district provided him a learning environment.  Once, when I had been told by a school district that something our son needed was not routinely provided, Pam told me "So?  That's why it's called an individual education plan."  Between meetings, she is a wonderful counselor, coach and friend.  You should never attend an IEP meeting without an advocate on your child's side seated next to you and Pam Labellarte is simply one of the best. 

Margaret A., parent


Little Lake County

Excellent Resource for Families

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