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My mission is to provide educational advocacy services

to individuals with disabilities and their families.  I also provide guidance to parents to help develop and utilize their advocacy skills to meet the educational needs of

their child with a disability.  I assist individuals ages

3-22 with disabilities to develop their own self advocacy skills in order to have their educational and life needs met.


Pam Labellarte,

Special Education Advocate



Peer Counseling
Preparation, Support and Attendance at
Educational Meetings                           


IEP Transition

504 Plan

Multiple Disciplinary Conference
   (MDC)- 3 Year Evaluation
Manifestation Determination- Discipline


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Transforming the Lives

of Children with Disabilities

Services focus on

supporting the needs
of the individual

with the disability.

"I highly recommend

Pam Labellarte as a lay advocate. She would be

a valuable asset to any parent seeking to obtain appropriate educational services for their child

with a disability."


         ~~ Jill M. Dressner,

               Attorney at Law

Face-to-face sessions ensure the most beneficial results.

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