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Pam Labellarte, Special Education Advocate
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Empowering Parents to Transform the Lives of Their Children with Disabilities

  • Provide educational advocacy services to individuals with disabilities and their families
  • Provide guidance to parents to develop and utilize their advocacy skills to meet the educational needs of their child with a disability
  • Provide guidance to individuals with disabilities to assist them to develop their own self advocacy skills in order to have their educational and life needs met 


Special Education Advocate

The role of the Special Education Advocate is to utilize knowledge of Special Education Law, experience as an educational advocate and skills as a peer mentor to assist students with disabilities and their parents to:


  • Become aware of the educational rights of their student with a disability and their rights as parents, as well as develop advocacy skills as parents and promote self-advocacy in the student;


  • Utilize knowledge of the law to determine if the student’s IEP provides the goals, accommodations, support services and placement to address the challenges of their disability and allow them to meet their full potential, as well as utilize their advocacy skills to ensure the IEP supports the needs of the student;


  • Utilize knowledge of the law to determine if the student’s IEP contains a Transition Plan that includes instruction, vocational training and community experiences that will help them develop Independent Living Skills, as well as promote the student’s self-advocacy skills to ensure the Transition Plan supports student’s successful transition to the community (applicable only for students 14 ½ or older)   


All services focus on supporting the needs
of the individual with the disability

Confidentiality is a critical element of the services provided to families.

Pam Labellarte
Special Education Advocate
Phone: 847-401-5053
Fax: 847-566-4431

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